About US Home Systems

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, U.S. Home Systems makes, sells, and installs custom bathroom and kitchen cabinet refacing products and organizational storage systems for garages and closets. The company collaborates with The Home Depot to market its products, which are also seen in newspapers, direct mail, magazines, and marriage mail. U.S. Home Systems offers its products through approximately 1,660 The Home Depot stores in 27 states that include 42 markets across the country.

U.S. Home Systems provides homeowners with affordable options in replacing kitchen cabinetry. Cabinet refacing entails the removal of all exposed surfaces from the existing cabinetry framework. This remodeling technique requires the replacement of cabinet doors, drawers, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, and hardware. All of the exposed cabinet surfaces are then covered with matching veneer or laminate, and the company provides matching molding, space organizers, valances, add-on or replacement cabinets, lazy Susans, countertops, and slide-out shelving. U.S. Home Systems uses a similar approach in bathroom refacing. The company carries products such as vanity cabinetry refacing and replacement vanity cabinets, acrylic tub liners and wall surrounds, shower doors, faucets, and bowls.

U.S. Home Systems also offers homeowners organization systems useful for closets and garages. The company offers a garage organization product to allow individuals to maximize the use of the space. The system utilizes slot walls that install over existing walls. The gauge cellular vinyl structure is engineered to support substantial weight, which enables the hanging accessories via grooves in the wall. It also offers spacious storage with a number of cabinets. The firm offers organization systems designed for use in closets. Customers can either select pre-packaged configurations or design their own layout. The company also supplies accessories, including jewelry drawers, shoe shelves, and tie racks.


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